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The device in question, is the "Super-Compresor" manufactured in the United Kingdom by "C.I.E-Belize" patented.
You want to reduce your fuel bill by 15 to 20% of your fleet of cars, trucks, agricultural tractors, construction equipment, marine and other ... here is the solution.
Super Compresor:
Its simplicity of design even if it is the culmination of thousands of hours of work: no moving parts, no maintenance, no electrical connection.

Its simplicity of installation:

It is very easily placed in the air intake just before the turbo or the compressor on recent vehicles or is housed in the air duct between the air filter and the engine for older models. Compatible on gasoline, diesel or LPG cars, especially on all trucks. The installation is done in 5 to 10 minutes for a neophyte! the device comes with the precise instructions for placing it.3- Its simplicity of operation: it transforms the linear air flow into a powerful cyclonic type flow upstream of the engine, which literally gives air to the engine. The Super-Compresor ™ this torque on an atmospheric engine, turbo engine, engine with compressor.4- The "Super-Compresor": suitable for all engines, 4-stroke or 2-stroke regardless of age, make, model with or without turbo, with or without compressor, petrol, gas oil and LPG.5- The engines gain power: the consumption decreases by 15 to 20%, reduces pollution is the rate of CO2, optimizing the motorization of 12% .6- The cost: 98 € (excluding postage and handling)

Les résultats d’expérimentation:
1/ Deux AUDI S4 B8 de 2011 quasiment identiques (la seule différence étant dans la conduite)  appartenant à une société de surveillance et d’intervention rapide de la région de Montréal ont été équipées d’un Super-Compresor. Elles ont obtenu des résultats allant de 17 à 23% de consommation de de carburant en moins, en optimisant le rendement moteur de 12% soit 333cv à l’origine pour 372cv avec le Super-Compresor. 

Experimental results:
1 / Two AUDI S4 B8 2011 almost identical (the only difference being in the conduct) belonging to a surveillance and rapid response company in the Montreal area have been equipped with a Super-Compresor. They achieved results ranging from 17 to 23% less fuel consumption, optimizing the engine efficiency of 12% or 333hp originally for 372hp with the Super-Compresor.

2 / Another test done on 2 buses of a very famous company of Santa Monica. These 1995 buses, equipped with 8.5litre Detroit 50 Series diesel engines, were examined after 3 months of use of Super-Compresor. The results on both buses showed 13% for the first and 15% for the second less fuel consumption. Even with this simple reduction in consumption, imagine the economy! It is evaluated for example on the 200 buses of this company to 500,000 dollars a year!
These experiments have even shown an additional advantage since the buses must be capable of rapid acceleration to allow them to return to the flow of traffic after their frequent stops. Accelerometers were placed in these buses and it was found that this acceleration was doubled from 0 to 20 miles / hour in 10 to 15 seconds, it went to 20 miles / hour and that in less than 7 seconds! Reduced consumption and just as important, and logical follow-up: pollution reduction. Found on buses, it was more than 60% ... enough to make people think who are responsible for fleets of trucks and buses! Side power gain, the site indicated in source publishes many sheets of tests. It is reported a test that has earned up to 11 CV and a supplement of torque. For D.C, designer of the Super-Compresor "All of this is more important than selling a product or owning shares in the company. This is a real cause to defend because I see it in terms of National Security. The Super-Compresor could very well be part of the answer to the problem of reducing dependence on foreign oil ... I hope to be followed by lots of people to help me spread this system around the world. If someone, after 15 days of use, was unhappy with his product, we are so sure of our product that we offer a refund of the Super-Compresor up to 100% of the purchase price.

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